Openfit is a fitness platform offering streaming live classes in which the trainers can see you and offer feedback in real time, as well as more straightforward on-demand exercise videos and programs and the option to opt into meal plans.
Let’s add Apple Pay
Your checkout experience should be quick and reliable. The goal of this test was introducing Apple Pay and Google Pay as payment options into the web checkout to see if it improved conversion rates.

New users (who naturally had no stored payment methods) were forced to enter credit card information to complete checkout, which could be a cumbersome process and result in dropoff.

My goal as a Product Designer on the growth team is to reduce churn and ensure users stay on the platform.
Product Designer
Understanding the win
The win was being defined by a set of metrics:
(Number of completed transactions / number of users who initiate checkout)% of purchases using a Quick Pay method
Wireframes & design mockups
After a short period of research and competitive analysis, the next step involved some high fidelity flows to illustrate the ideas. I built the flows using Figma and presented them to stakeholders, design team and to Apple Pay’s team to make sure we were all in alignment with what the Apple Pay flow would generally look like in the product and to make sure they solved for the needs of our users, making sure we sped up the checkout flow and it was a seamless experience.
To test these designs, they were developed by the dev team and A/B tested. The variables tested (Safari users only*): Control (no Apple Pay) vs (Payment Options w/ Apple Pay.

*Safari consists of 24% of total users (Openfit & Ladder)

*Experiment targets Safari users only
Design System
Aside from being a product designer on the growth team I also took on the current state of the design system and took ownership of the design system efforts.
What I’ve learned from taking on the design system
The design system prior was much more of a pattern library and less system. Taking ownership of the design system really began to teach me how systems work and get a better understanding of the design and developer relationship. I got to understand react native and the ideology behind tokens. I also learned the importance of auditing, preparing and moving phases in order to accomplish a large task like this.